Photo by Brant Ward

The vineyard landscape immerses us in constant change. Changes  happen throughout  each day, each season, and every year.  Now the vines are dormant, stark against the vibrant yellow and green of mustard, this year’s cover crop.  The weather has been very dry this year, yet everything is fecund.

Our vineyard contains dry farmed pinot noir, chardonnay and gewürztraminer.  Dry farmed means that the vines receive no water except what nature offers.  Despite torrential rains or exceptional droughts, this courageous vineyard has consistently produced exceptional grapes for spectacular wines over a long period of time.

Planted by the Matteson’s in the  1980’s, the vineyard produced grapes for wineries such as Salamandre and Santa Cruz Mountain Winery.  Changes in ownership and the untimely death of the owner in 2002 led to vineyard decline.  Then in 2003, on All Hallows Eve, the vineyard captured us.  With much help from skilled consultants, neighborly viticulturists  and the Santa Cruz Mountain Viticulture Association, we brought the vineyard back to health and again produced superb grapes for our winemakers.

In 2008, we developed a farming relationship with Kenny Likitprakong and Brian Wilkerson that continues to this day.  Since then Kenny, Brian and Jose Diaz have farmed the vineyard, with our keen experience for support.  It’s a great relationship, and the winemakers, Kenny of Ghostwriter, Bradley Brown of Big Basin, and Pax Mahle of Windgap have produced luscious, award winning wines.

The panoramic views, beauty and magic of Woodruff Family Vineyard embodies constant change.  This location creates the perfect heart for great wines.



cover crop:  Seeds planted in the space between the rows of grapes for erosion control and to nourish the soil.

dry farmed:  While many dry farmed vineyards have the option of watering the vines during a dry year or a harsh heat wave, our vineyard has no irrigation. Water and nutrients come  from nature and careful application of nutrients.

viticulturist:  Viticulture is the science of vineyard keeping.  A viticulturist is someone who devotes their life to growing grapes.

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